• Reliability

      We have 100% guarantee the delivery of your winnings ! We have no restrictions on the storage time of objects on bots ! Responsive technical support will assist in & nbsp; any problems ! Direct connection to the general manager for   tel. 8 ( 916 ) 356-20-79 ( in case of critical issues )

    • Quality

      We are the first lottery, have adopted the principle of fair play. Here you will not find the words «lotteries», these words such as false as written by their people. Here you can play, but you can, and win, the prize may be more expensive rate is several thousand times. Our principle: you pay us, we pay you. Most of us received the money goes to purchase expensive and interesting prizes for you. We also have a referral system that allows you to earn money from any given person on your site. Money received by the referral system, you will be able to bring to Webmoney, Qiwi or spend it on the opening of cases on our website.

    • Speed

      The unique steam cloud bots own design not only allows us to reliably control the process of delivery of objects, but also make the process as fast as possible! The average delivery time for the object & mdash; 15 seconds! In addition, we conduct ongoing work in order to improve the service and will be very happy if you inform us about found shortcomings in the work, and we will promptly correct the problem!